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Points of Savarkar’s Proposed Constitution for India

Indian War of Independence 1857, 1947 Edition             Hindutva, 1923 Edition

Six Glorious Epochs (with Bibliography)                           Historic Statements

My Transportation for Life                                                  Hindu Rashtra Darshan

Hindu Padpadshahi                                                             Inside the Enemy Camp

Savarkar Articles:      Suicide and Self-Sacrifice           Letters from Andaman

                Oh Martyrs                                     Newsletters from London

             Gaelic American:  Wake Up, Sons of Islam           Secret Societies

       A Rebuke to the Punjabee           A Call to the Khalsa

Life of Barrister Savarkar, Chitragupta

Babarao’s Biography

Yesuvahini’s Diary available by courtesy of Mrs. Himani Savarkar.

V. V. S. Aiyar’s Diary available by courtesy of Mrs. Himani Savarkar.

Article on Mai Savarkar

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