The Hindu Mahasabha

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Newspaper articles: Prominence of  Hindu Mahasabha

History of the Hindu Mahasabha

Hyderabad Civil Disobedience Movement, 1938-39, by S. R. Date

Akhand Hindustan 1944 Delhi Conference

History of the Bhagalpur Struggle

  • The 23rd annual session of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha was scheduled to be held under Savarkar’s Presidentship December 24, 1941, at Bhagalpur in Bihar. Defying the unjust prohibitory orders of the Bihar Provincial Government, workers of the Hindu Mahasabha managed to hold the session from December 24 to 27, 1941. Read the history of the Bhagalpur struggle, the account of which was written at the instance of Savarkar.
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